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Why I'm leaving Pampered Chef


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Dec 7, 2005
I do not like supporting companies that promote things with profits made from my money, and so I tell them why I do not purchase or recommend that others purchase from them.
However, Berkshire Hathaway has, because Doris Christopher pointed this conflict out to Buffett, stopped donating to PP. This is as it should be. Privately, Buffett himself donates to PP and other Progressive causes. That is his right as an individual American. I would not want him telling me what I should support with money I earn, so I will not expect to tell him either.. Do unto others? As a company I think PC has very strongly taken a stand on PP and Buffett has not tried to tie our corporate hands, and he absolutely could. He will answer to God for his personal support, but neither Pampered Chef nor Berkshire should be held accountable for what they are not doing.