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Whoo HOOO Pan O Rama!


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Sep 7, 2005
Ok, I am sure some of you will laugh at my pt total thus far (since I have read some of you have like 3000+ points and all... but I honestly did not think I would get any or enough points to earn ANYTHING! I am currently at 1190! :D

SWEET! If I wait I might be able to get the 12" skillet combo (if Mom decides to order more cookware that she loved as her b-day gift from me. I got her two pieces and she is very impressed with them!) Other wise I was thinking the double burner griddle since I already have the 12" professional!

Have you all redeemd your pts yet, or are you waiting till the end?:)
Mar 2, 2006
Does anyone know the last day we can redeem our points. I know it says that shows submitted on May 31 and before count, but I'm wasn't able to find a last date to redeem. I am sure that it is listed, but I am just having one of "those moments". :confused: Thanks


I don't know when we have to redeem our points by, but I did get my first set about a week ago... I got the 7 piece set and it is SWEET! I am really hoping to get enough for the the five piece set before the end of May, but if not... I'll be happy to get the lid to the family skillet. (I had bought that before panorama... I didn't earn it!)

I have to say, I got a pot rack from Amazon.com for $35 bucks (including shipping) and my kitchen looks GREAT with the Executive cookware hanging from it.

What a wonderful program.



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Jun 20, 2005
Heather I have less than 600 points so don't feel bad. Last fall I sold cookware without really trying. Now, that I need to sell it so I can earn it myself, I can't get any takers.


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Feb 17, 2006
I didn't think I would earn any points either and I just redeemed the Double Burner Griddle, I can't wait to get it and the 12 piece set I ordered.

Don't know the redeem by date either.


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Jan 13, 2006
I have tried to sell each of my hosts on the 5&7 piece sets at each show...I have had a few takers, and I bought a 7-pc set for my daughter at her show (she honestly had NO cookware in her cupboard!!). I did confiscate the small pot to show at my shows...it really helped!

Sell it by telling the cost "per day", for example:
"as a host, you can own the 5 & 7 piece sets for only 78 cents a day for a year...and it will last you a lifetime! Yes, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee you will own the most amazing cookware on the market."

Or, if the price for that is too high, try selling them the 12" Exec Family Skillet:
"as a host, you can own the 12" Executive Family Skillet for FREE, or, if you use it as a half price item, you will be using this amazing cookware in your own kitchen for only 17 cents a day for a year! And this piece will last you a lifetime! How great is that?"

I always do a skillet cake at my shows, so it always shows the 12" family skillet.

I just had a host purchase another 5 & 7 pc set at 1/2 price last night, so I am over 3000. I am ordering my 7 pc set today! Yeah!


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May 6, 2005
I LOVE this promotion! I have my 7 piece set set already and just redeemed the points for the 5 piece set. Yay!:D I still need to take the 7 piece set out of the box to give it the once over (especially after reading some of the posts on here about things being wrong!:eek: ). I'm hoping to get more points to get the double burner griddle! I am running out of room in my kitchen though since I have the professional set too. I don't want a hanging rack to block the light over my island, so I'm not sure how to solve that problem. Hmmmmm. It's a good problem to have, though!:D