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Whoo-hooo! First show !


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Sep 7, 2005
:D Well I finally had my first pre-Grandopening kitchen show yesterday! It was very impromptu in planning because I decided to do a Mommy and Me Halloween party before my actual grand opening. But over all it went well! For not doing any shows before and having kids on top of being my first I got 10 participating kids and 6 moms. I got 1 Booking and $398 total that day!

I am soo stoked! Next is another impromtu fundraiser this friday for my daughter's school- wish me luck! Now I just hope my GO is that successful and the next 13 shows booked in the next 3 months aswell! I hope to get 1 if not all SS bonuses! Yippeee!

Just had to share with you wonderful ladies and men! :)


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Jul 20, 2005

Congrats Heather
You are off to a great start. If you keep up that way it sounds like you definitely qualify for your ss months. Lots of Luck for your future shows!!


Aug 5, 2005
I'm so happy for you Heather! Wow, 13 bookings, your really off to a great start. I envy you. I wish I had that many bookings. Bookings really are the key to a successful business.

I wish you the best of luck on your fund-raiser and to earning the SS bonus's
Oct 31, 2005
Woo-Hoo First Show!- congratulations!!!


I too just booked my very first live show. I wasn't having an easy time getting people to book for this month. Everyone keeps saying they have no $$ and have to shop for the holidays. I tried to explain how hosting a show can get them "free products" which could possibly eliminate some spending but no good. My live show is scheduled for Dec and I do have a catalog show booked to close on 11/21. I'm still trying to get something else for this month being that this is my first SS month and I don't want to go into the next month w/o having an actual show this month. Iv'e asked my recruiter/Director to attend my first show w/ me and she agreed to do it. I am going to practice this weekend at home w/ my son on my preso.

I sent out 4 packets yesterday and have handed out at least 6 catalogs and a host of flyers w/ my business cards attached
Oct 31, 2005
congratulations on your first show

I finally booked my first live show- It isn't until Dec and this is my first SS month. I have a catalog show booked for this month but you can't get bookings from a catalog. Eveyone that I call either has no $$ or is preparing for the holidays. I tried to explain about free stuff they could get to give out as a gifts but alot want to wait until January -