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Which do you use...


Jul 18, 2005
What programs do you use for contact management & sending e-mails? Why do you prefer the program you use?

For example I used to use Outlook express and then had to replace my hard drive so ever since then I have been utilizing e-mail on-line through my internet provider. It is a pain setting up groups and sending e-mail through them so I am trying to decide if I should go back to Outlook Express or switch to Outlook (which I used a long time ago for e-mail and still use for personal contacts and calendar) which since I do have personal contacts in may be my best bet. Otherwise I am considering ACT, but have read about yahoo too. So I am looking for some advice.

Leea :cool:


Oct 3, 2005
I'm into OVERKILL...

Hi Leea,
I have been using Yahoo for 6 months. I find that when I send out my newsletter, most get bounced as SPAM and probably never read... :mad:

I have since moved all my contacts to Outlook Express & formed groups according to host last name. This way, I can send smaller group emails & have been having better success.

Organizationally, I have all my people in PP & ACT6.0. I have been using basic ACT for tons of years... I love it for organization, quick labels, emails, wordprocessing & more! It takes a bit more time for me on busy times, but I usually enter & organize my data on my down times, or late (sleepless) nights. :rolleyes:

I have found (not being the best to remember things) that this works for me. I know all my hosts, contacts, recuits, potentials etc. All history is right there!

Let me know what you decide. I'd be curious to read the other replys. :confused:
If you need ACT advice ~ pls ask. I'm still learning more advanced tools, but have a solid base.
By the way... I always back up on a "travel drive" 512MB. It plugs into your USB port, you drag/drop & you don't have to worry about loosing everything..

Pampered Laura

Ive got a question for Outlook Express users...
I export my email info to the CSV file from PP, then import it from the PP file down to Outlook Express... but all of the names/emails go straight to the regular contact list.
Is there a way to have all of those names/emails go directly to a certain group (Pampered Chef contacts), so that my regular address book isn't all jumbled up with PC names, too?
Or are you guys doing all of this data entry manually? :eek:
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