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Where do you all find


Jul 6, 2005
labels ?? I need some as i just got a web site !! My adress is so long how will i find ones that will fit it ? I dont think iam talented enough to figure out how to print my own , so are there other options ?? Thank you !!


Jul 21, 2005

Danielle -

I just bought the regular size Avery address labels - if you shrink the font size down a little, you can fit your whole web address on them - I got everything on mine but my zip code :) You can also play with font type, color, etc...

In Microsoft word, choose Tools - Letters and Mailings - envelopes and labels - Under options, choose the style # of Avery labels, fill in your info in the little box, select one full page of labels, and print! If you want to see how they will fit, print them on a plain piece of paper, and hold them up to the light behind your labels!

Good luck!