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Where did all the bookings go?

Dec 30, 2004
I am in the same place as a lot of the consultants on here. I have been selling for over 3 years now, and I feel like I've ''run out of bookings''. My family and friends alike have had enough I think. I've also gotten into some groups that would rather spend all of their money on the products than booking a party to get it for free. What do you do after you've been selling for a while, and you know all of the old tricks, but they're just not working for you any more? :confused:


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Apr 14, 2004
It's called a slump. Happens to most consultants periodically. Can be caused by a rash of cancellations or coming to the end of several groups at the same time.
I suggest giving out your business cards to everyone you do business with. From grocery clerks, all sales clerks, dry cleaners, post office. To everyone you come in contact with every day- consistantly.
Don't ask your relatives to have another show- ask them if they know of anyone who might want to have a show. Learn to ask for referrals.
Read your manual, ask your director for help, buy some company tapes on bookings and browse this forum.
A slump tests your skills as a consultant. How good are you? How good are you willing to be?
Jan 22, 2005

Hello,I'm a new consultant but have been in sales for a long time,have you tried leaving your catalogs in hair salons,I'm a salon owner and my clients love looking through the brochures,it also gives them somthing to talk about while they are getting their hair done,Hope this helps.
always ask permission before leaving anything.