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When is a Booking NOT a Party?


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Feb 17, 2006
Here is some great info I just received from my wonderful Director! Sent to her by the Lemonaid Lady!

When is a Booking NOT a Party?

You might be familiar with Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the famous psychologist on talk radio. Unlike many in the profession, she is rather blunt with her callers (hey, she's only got a minute of air time with them!).

Dr. Laura has a formula to see if engaged persons really are committed to marriage. She asks callers, "Do you have a date and a ring?" Invariably, those with relationship problems (the kinds of people who call her for advice) lack one or both of these outward signs of commitment. In Dr. Laura's, not so humble opinion, these couples are simply talking about getting married rather than committing to begin a life together.

When I talk with consultants and they excitedly report, "I got three new bookings this week!" I immediately ask, "Who are your new hosts and when are their parties?" Very often I hear, "I have to call them back and check on a date."

NEWSFLASH: This is not a booking! You have not committed them to a date on the calendar. Rather, this is only a verbal promise to hold a party with you.

So, how do you secure bookings with a DATE on a calendar and the NAME of a host the two most critical items for a booking to become a party?

First, know your calendar without having to look at it. If you're meeting someone away from a party and you don't have your calendar with you, you must know immediately when your next available openings are. If you don't know and you have to call her back, she might change her mind. When you are definite on a date, a host can commit to your calendar.

Second, pencil in dates when you encounter someone who is serious about booking but has to "think about it" or "check my calendar" or "see when my friends can come." This is a great way to sift those who are serious about setting a date but have some valid concerns from those people who are just talkers.

When I get any of these three responses, I invite her to choose a date so I can pencil her in (and I really do use just a pencil rather than a pen). And while I'm penciling her name in, I assure her that she is not booking with me right now, but that I am willing to hold the date for her for 24 hours (sometimes I'll give her 48 hours, depending on the situation) so she can check her calendar and/or talk with her friends.

This is a great idea for your hosts because as she is checking with her friends she can give them a definite date rather than a wishy- washy "I'm thinking about having a party with ABC Party Plan, what day is good for you?" When she presents her friends with a date and time, they can give her a definite "yes" or "no." And, if everything is a go, she doesn't have to call them back to invite them; she's already done that!

If the date is not good for any of her friends she can call you right away to reschedule a better time or rescind without feeling any guilt because she has not canceled on you, she was only penciled in.

When you use this awesome approach to secure parties not just promises, you must call the person back at the appropriate time (24 or 48 hours) so she can confirm the time or decline the invitation.

Is it a party or a promise? Pencil her in and you'll see greater results! Because a booking only becomes a party when the name of the host is committed to your calendar.


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Apr 13, 2004
I get these too from the Lemon Aid Lady!

And boy did she hit the nail on the head. I did a show back in September where i walked out with 9 people saying they were having shows. The host was mega excited but what she did not know was that they thought we were still giving points for bookings. NOT ONE did a show. I even explained the new program but of course, these were the people who were odviously NOT listening. In fact, Sherry mentioned that these were the so called know it alls. So...
It is rough. You do need to remember that a booking without a date is just a promise and not a party.