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When do they ship the SS bonus?


Novice Member
Aug 10, 2005
Hi! For the first time I've earned my SS month products. I am in month three and hit over 1200 this month. Do they ship me mine when they ship the party? Just curious.




Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
They ship it when you earn it. If you click on Product Adjustment from the home screen on Consultant's Corner and then click the check box and click the continue buttom. Then click "Can't remember your show number?" link and click find on the next screen. The show numbers that DON"T have a name beside them are the ones that have been shipped to you. If there has been one shipped that you don't know than that is probably your SS Bonus!


Advanced Member
Silver Member
Jul 23, 2005
not sure when they ship it but if you go CC, product adjustment, and click cant remember show it shows when things are shipped out. i just did it to see if a supply order had shipped yet and it showed a supply order went out on the 9th....maybe if you keep checking there until you see a date that wasnt a show or something? hope i didnt confuse you!!