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Wheatless show

Mar 25, 2005
Has anyone ever done a show for someone that has a wheat allergy? Any recipes you have would be great.

PS - all the pampered chef spices contain wheat.

Kathy :confused:


Silver Member
Mar 17, 2005
My mother lived with us for 6 months before passing away from leukemia. She was very allergic to wheat. Modified food starch is a wheat product and seems to be found in everything. Marshmallows, pie fillings, soups, mayonnaise all have modified food starch. I found (by reading the backs of everything), store brand name items, example: Kroger brand name vs Campbell soup brand used modified corn starch as the thickening agent instead of a wheat product. Cornstarch is a great substitute for flour.

Stir fry recipes over rice are good meals. Just make sure if you add a sauce it doesn't contain a wheat product. If making your own sauce substitute with cornstarch.

The 7 layer Southwestern Salad from the Super Salad recipe card collection could be a good choice for your host. The Summer Cobb Salad in the '05 Seasons Best is a no flour recipe.

Hope that helped you out some! :)

Lee Anne Brock
[email protected]