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What's your pitch?


Apr 20, 2005
Hi Everyone.

How do you "sell" the Pampered bride idea to people?

I find that people who know about it, who have been to or hosted a show get it but for others I find they just DON'T get it and I need to "Sell" them on why they should do a Pampered bride party as apposed to a regular bridal shower.

Since I am pretty new, I find I have it all figured out in my head, I just cannot pass it on to my mouth yet. The "words" are just not there, and I end up sounding like I am trying to "convince" them it is a good idea. :confused:

So, for all you seasoned experts out there, let me pick your brain for some good Sales pitches.

Pretend I am a Bride to be or Maid of Honor....Why should I have a Pampered Bride show??

Thanks for you help.



I basically just let them know that the bride will get items she wants instead of a bunch of things she doesnt and has to spend the next month returning. Plus, she wont get duplicates with Pampered Bride. It is also nice that the customer is able to see first hand what they are purchasing for the bride and they get to do it sitting down not going through the store trying to decide what to get them.


Apr 22, 2005
Also, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to look at a giant wall of kitchen products and trying to pick the style or brand that you want...with The Pampered Chef, we've done the work for you through testing & research! You can be confident that the our products are versatile, competent, easy to use and makes cooking/baking fun!

I haven't done many bridal shows, but I do approach them as a worry-free party for the host- highlighting fun, food, fellowship! I will do as much or as little as she needs, meaning: I will take care of buying the food, coming up with games & prizes, providing decorations (all for a min. fee to cover my expenses, of course). I know that we aren't caterers or party planners, but this is fun for me and the hosts have really appreciated not having to stress out.


Apr 20, 2005
Thanks :)

Thanks, for your ideas.

I think I am going to have to just practice, practice, practice. I think once I get really comfortable explaining it, it won't seem so forced.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

Apr 5, 2005

I was first introduced to PC through MY bridal shower! This is the story that I talk about when I'm telling why I joined, and a first hand experience has gotten me tons of interested folks wanting to know more about the bridal showers.
Jun 28, 2005
Bridal Showers

I've been sitting back quietly lurking on this site for about a week or more. I'm new to PC and have been like a sponge absorbing all the wonderful suggestions posted. My very first party was a Bridal Show for my sister. She wasn't keen on the idea, being her second wedding - she felt a little uncomfortable, since showers for 2nd weddings aren't overly popular.

I sold her on the idea by saying, If you go to any bridal shower, how many times do you hear people say, "we should all have a shower every 10 years or so to replace the old stuff in our kitchens'. Weeeeell, this is a perfect opportunity to do just that! I mentioned this at the beginning of her show as well, and told people that, if they were happy with the man they have, they don't have to leave him to get new kitchen tools. I suggested an anniversary shower. OR if you're not happy with the man you have and you leave him, leave him all of your OLD stuff...you get the idea. It had them all laughing and hopefully got a few wheels turning in their heads.

I also mentioned that the benefit of having a PC Bridal Show is, it's probably less money, and definitely less stress, than a traditional bridal shower.
1. No card to buy.
2. No wrapping paper to buy.
3. No ribbons or bows.
4. You don't have to lug your kids along with you shopping (or alternatively pay for a sitter, or argue with your hubby about watching the kids.)
5. You don't have to worry whether yours will be a duplicate gift.
6. You don't have to worry if it's something that the bride will enjoy having in her kitchen.

Her show was a success and everyone had a great time. I made a bride cake using the batter bowl and the garden vegetable pizza - both were great hits!

A day after my sister's order arrived, a neighbour was visiting her and my sister's great enthusiasm over her "free" gifts got the neighbour all excited and, even though she placed an order at the shower, she placed another $100.00 order to get some of the things my sister was especially excited about.

Hope that helps!

Jun 27, 2005
I also tell the host that after the Pampered Bride show, the bride and groom can "shop" for more free stuff, if the host chooses to give her benefits to the bride. (I usually suggest they split the half-price items and that the bride offer one free item to the host.) Not to mention...no matter how much people buy at the "other" kitchen stores, the bride isn't going to get anything free! I make it like "why WOULDN'T you have one" not "WILL you have one".


Apr 20, 2005
Thanks for you help

Hi everyone and thanks to all of you for your advice and ideas.

I am working on the ideas you all have given and I am getting more comfortable with the PC "lingo"

I must share a cool story :

I went to the bank the other day and the guy helping me saw my PC cheque, he got really excited because apparently he is getting married next month and they just had their PC Shower. He was raving about how cool the whole thing was and how cool all the stuff they got was. He said that prior to being introduced to PC he would have thought anyone spending $15 on a spatula was mad, but now he understands the difference and he would not think of getting anything else.

I was so taken aback by this.... a guy being soooo excited about kitchen stuff, that it has inspired me to use it when I "pitch it" to others.

Take care


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Feb 3, 2005
Tish....what do you mean by being comfortable with PC lingo. What lingo do you want to be more comfortable with?

I think the best way to get comfortable with the products is to use them and tell your stories and have your guests share what they use products for. I think it is also important to know some of the features, but people are really sold by what they friends say about the products.

The best way to get comfortable with words to say is to go to meetings. Meetings and tele-classes are the best way to learn things that help with your show.


Apr 20, 2005

Hi Ginger

When I started out I think I was a little green on how to explain to people in a clear and concise way what PC is all about. In time, after getting comfortable with what words to use and not use it gets easier . So by "lingo" I mean my ability to speak about PC easily, and in turn get potential hosts excited instead of scared.

I do attend all my meetings, we have a great time, it is what keeps me motivated. Your right it is a must especially for new consultants. I am hoping to take some of the tele-classes, but have not had the opportunity yet. I hear they are great though.

Take care, and thanks again for all your input.



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Jan 21, 2005
When I'm talking about my specialty shows I mention the bridal shower and explain that it's the easiest shower you could host. I remind them of their bridal showers or others they might have attended where the bride didn't get things that she really wanted but had to be polite and smile sweetly (they all get a chuckle at that picture). I then explain briefly how my bridal shows work and that brides PICK the EXACT gifts they want and that the guests get to get products for their own kitchens too AND that when they buy for themselves they are really increasing the value of what they got the bride (I always tell the host that the free products are for the bride and every host says "Of course! I want her to get it all". They're happy to hear that they will get the discounts too! I also have pretty papers ready for guests to write their gift and name on and tie with a ribbon so the bride has something to open at the party. I also have the bride register so that I know what she wants ahead of time so I can have the product cards ready in my bridal book. I sugget that they include registry cards in invitations for other bridal showers as well as the wedding invitation.