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What would you think?


Oct 16, 2005
I got a email from a woman interested in hosting a show, she lived in the USA before and didn't know there was PC in Canada, anyways I called her and book her for June. When I asked for her address, she said "Can I call you back tomorrow?" so I said sure, never heard from her and I tried her back a few times.


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Well actions speak louder than words!!

It seems that there is a huge truth to the phrase:
"Actions speak louder than words!"
Unfortunately we can get excited to find potential hosts who say things like
"I would love to have a show!"
"I would like you to send me a host packet!"
"I am really excited about having a show, call me!"

And then for some strange reason they bail out on us!! It's pretty frustrating but we can tell by their actions that they were not serious or for some reason changed their minds. But instead of being honest and mature about it with a simple:
"You know I don't think that's going to work out for me right now after all, sorry!"
or even a
"I changed my mind, sorry!"

I would be able to bear the disappointment a little better. Unfortunately many hosts go AWOL or MIA and we are left with an open date, a missing host packet, and some lost time, but
in the end it's better to know at the beginning than after it's about a week to the show and you can't find the host!!!
If someone doesn't return my calls after two calls I don't call again. My messages are clear and to the point so I know they have every opportunity to call me and let me know what they want to do.
If a host doesn't want to do a show, it's their loss!! Our PC benefits are great!! Let's focus on those hosts who are truly excited, call us back and really want to do a show with us!! And at those parties we are likely to get bookings for future shows. Don't waste time and energy on a host like that, you never know when she's ready she'll call you!! Just keep sending email newsletters, or whatever you send out to customers! Just to let her know you are still here when she's ready!!
Good luck!!


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
I find it odd when someone seeks us out to host a show and then don't call back, usually the ones that do that are the most interested. I might call her back and just leave a message saying that when she is ready then give you a call. I have a hard and fast 3 strikes your out rule, if I call 3 times and don't hear anything then I am done trying. If you don't hear back and being that she e-mailed you I would keep in touch by sending an e-mail every couple of months or so.


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Mar 12, 2006
I have found that some of these hosts that seek us out and then go MIA happen to have bad communication skills with their husband/family. They get excited about it and call before they think to check the family schedule and check with hubby (make sure he's not already scheduled a D&D game for that night or something) and then get embarrassed that they cannot go forward with this - especially since they were the one to make the first move! A line I like to use with hosts or recruits that are wishy-washy or MIA is "do you still want to do this or are you having a hard time telling me 'No'?" That gives them an okay way to tell you "No" and you don't lose time and you don't lose that date.