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What would you do?

Apr 10, 2006
Ok - I'm a new consultant (literally just turned in my first catalog show - my brother is so sweet...hehe)

Anyway - one of my really good friends said she would hold my first show. When we first talked about it, I tried to do all the host coaching things, get her excited, etc. It seemed to work and she said she would be inviting as many people as she could think of (friends, co-workers, people from the gym, boyscout moms, etc).

Fast forward to yesterday and I get this email from her and she has invited only invited THREE people - two of which told her they couldn't make it. So now that leaves me with a show of TWO people. I called her last night and tried to get her excited again and tried to get her interested - but she said there was *nothing* in the catalog that she wants and that really she was just doing it for me (I understand that that is a common things for friends and family to say). She just kept saying how it would be fun to get together and eat...and I said "Well, this is a new business I'm trying to start and in order for it to get off the ground I really need to get in front of larger groups of people and really learn how to do a good show" and she said "Well you'll do great in front of me and Laura...and then we can all drink Margaritas" and I said "Well maybe we should think about rescheduling it and trying to get more guests to come so that we both get something out of the experience"

This really offended her - and I know that it probably sounds offensive, I certainly didn't mean it that way - I tried very hard to convey how this works - but really - If she's telling me to my face (well ok, to my ear) that she is going to order Nothing and she's only inviting one person and she's not going to try to collect outside orders, what is the point of having this as a party? I know all of these things a week before the "show". If she wants to have a get together, that's fine - but not when I'm trying to get my business off the ground - I don't want to lug around all the stuff and make a whole recipe for two people!

I'm so torn - sure I could practice in front of two people - just like I can practice in front of my son and fiance. There doesn't seem to be any type of fire I can ignite in her to do anymore - it's also iffy if laura will even show up.

I'm so torn - on the one hand I am grateful she offered, but on the other, I'd like to focus my energies on making this business work - not making it the "get together" excuse. I asked her if she felt I was neglecting her or if I was pushy and she said no, so I don't know what to think. Usually, she's very straightforward - I told her in the beginning that I wouldn't be offended if she didn't want to do it.

So what would you do in this situation?


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Jan 19, 2005
That is great that she wants to help you, she just wants to help you in a different way.

Practice in front of people is always great. If she is usually straightforward with you, you might be able to get some great feedback from her. I would not want to bring everything over either. Maybe she and her friend Laura could go to your house for some practice. Who knows, maybe seeing the products and how you present them might get her more excited about them. Then she might be ready for her own show.

Now if you do this, make sure you let her know you want to do the full practice on her on Laura. That includes talking at the "show" about the benefits of hosting a show and also about the opportunity. Have you heard of the Pass the Tool game? If not, I can give you more information about it. It is a great way to get people asking questions about your business.

Friends always want to help us; they just don't always want to help us the way we would like to be helped. Family works the same way. My sister took one full year of my business to host her first show with me. She enjoyed it so much and fell in the love with the products. She ended up hosting two shows within a year of each other.

The business is important to you, but friendships and family are more important. Sometimes you have to separate the two and sometimes you just have to get creative in how to get them to work together.

Let me know if you need other ideas.



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Mar 17, 2006
How about a mystery host show?

I can understand your frustration! I too would be hurt by this. Does your friend understand what your business actually is? Does she know that she's letting you down? Maybe you just need to explain to her that the party part is fun, but you need to have business before pleasure (and that you will mix the two together) Tell her that you need people and exposure (and wallets!)....I would hope that she understands that part. Also remind her that you have to have at least $150 in sales or it doesn't count as a show.

If you still can't get through to her, I would still do her show (don't let your end of the bargain down) In the meantine, why don't you schedule your own show in your home and do it as a Mystery Host show? Invite everyone that you know and give away small prizes. People love free stuff - no matter how big or little it is.

Good luck!
Apr 10, 2006
thanks for the replies. I appreciate the feedback.

I have some other shows scheduled for the rest of the month (trying to get at least four qualified shows in). It's not that I mind going to her house and doing the show - it's that I want to really do it - not be ignored by side conversations for my first show. My second show is a bridal shower (Yay for soon to be mother in laws finding shows!) and I *REALLY* wanted some outside practice before going in front of that crowd.

I think I'll just let her know that I'll be there and will do the full show and talk about *ALL* the stuff I'm supposed to and then we can socialise.

I didn't expect a ton of people, but I was hoping for the same enthusiam and effort from her that I've given to her causes in the past...but I must realise that not everyone is the same and we all have different expectations.


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Jan 17, 2006
Don't feel bad

Unfortunately even the best of friends and the closest relatives don't understand we are running a business. It's not just some wacky hobby we will become tired of soon, but a wonderful new opportunity for us to earn FREE products, have fun, meet new people and earn some MONEY!!
Our time is very valuable and it is very inconsiderate for people to only invite a handful of people (especially since we work on orders and commission...HELO!!!) to their shows on purpose!! Now when it happens to a host but she has no control over it and it's not something she expected, that is different.
I am very glad you are still offering to do the show, but you are right lugging all your stuff, making food for two or three people, and then not even being promised that it will qualify as a show.
Be sure to explain to her that the show must be $150 for it to qualify, and if you don't get that at her show with the guests who show up, you would appreciate a small effort on her part to get some outside orders. And then give her some ideas on who to ask like neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, etc....
Tell her that if she doesn't really want the products you would be glad to use her FREE product value to purchase items for yourself (since you are new) or to purchase items you will donate to a women's shelter or to purchase the HWC products for a raffle later on!!
Maybe you will get these three ladies fired up and they will order way past your $150 minimum amount! Let's GET POSITIVE!! You never know.
Good luck!


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Mar 12, 2006
You could always try to turn it into a HWC fundraiser so she has a cause to work with - her cause should have been you, oh well - and you don't have to worry about free product.


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Oct 22, 2005
3 people

My first show had the host and two people and a third guest coming an hour late. I got one booking from it and thankfully it closed at $180. Go for it. You never know what you'll get.

Also, it's a good lesson to learn what motivates the host. I am still learning, but it does seem to be that a LOT of people just want an excuse to have friend's over. The "stuff" isn't the motivating factor so you learn how to get each person interested for their own reasons.