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What would you do


Nov 12, 2005
I did a vendor fair today and got some drawing slips with nothing filled out except there name and there imformation nothing filled in about wanting to host a show or anything that interested them. So what would you do with them?
Oct 21, 2005
I'd call them...

You just never know unless you call!

I would say something like "This is _______, Ind. Consultant for the Pampered Chef. Thank you so much for signing up at my booth at the fair. There are a lot of new, exciting things happening with the Pampered Chef. Would you like to hear more about it?" Just to see if they are interested in hearing anything more. If they do want to, I would start out by telling about the sign-on bonus, then the new hostess program and upcoming specials, the wedding registry, guest special and see if they'd like to order anything if none of the above intrigues them. Many times at those fairs the people are just in a hurry and don't read through everything and are only interested in winning the door prize. But you never know so you might as well call them and remember to not take it personally when they are not interested in anything!