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What would you do?

Oct 19, 2005
Hi all

Im a brand new consultant of two weeks ( I get my kit tomorow YAY) anyway I have been thinking of ways to get more contacts, one idea i had was going to this expo cooking show that they are having simi localy.... but the booth is $425 and I just dont think i should invest that much money being so new, plus im not sure if it would be profitable or that i would get many contacts. So I was thinking... What if I walked around the expo/food show and passed out something? its going to be in november so something festive that has my information on it? How could i get contacts? I thought i could walk around with my pampered chef apron on but is that too cheesy? How could i get people to give me their information or even get someone who would want to host a show? any ideas?


Pampered Sofia

Novice Member
Oct 18, 2005

My only concern would be... if you were to walk around the expo passing items out and wearing the PC apron, would that be okay with the expo officials/management? I mean, most people are paying the booth price for the opportunity to be there advertising so if you do it for free there may be a problem. I would check on that before doing anything.


Mar 10, 2005
What if you got some other consultants in your cluster to work the booth as well. That's what we do in my cluster. Our director figures up how much of the booth fee you would be responsible for if you worked say a 2 hour shift. Then she send out a sign-up list for everyone in the cluster to have a chance to pick a shift, or 2 shifts if they are interested. Whatever contacts you make during your shift are yours.
Oct 19, 2005
I wish i could do that

I cant really split up the cost of the booth because the event is only one evening from 6:30 till 9.... there isnt a pampered chef rep booked at the expo. Maybe Ill forgo wearing my apron and just bring a bag with catalogs and my business card...


Oct 26, 2005
You really need to be careful!!! By walking around and handing out catalogs and your business cards without having booth space may upset the other vendors and even the Expo Directors/Mgmt . You don't want to start your business out on bad note. Going to the expo and seeing what all is there and wearing a PC shirt does not hurt anyone. If someone does ask you then by all means let them know you are a Consultant (30 second commercial) but I would not go just to hand out catalogs without having a booth. It is a great idea to booths and expos so maybe you could reserve a booth for next year and forego this year. $425 is a lot of money to part with, especially when you are just starting out. If you do not want to split the booth with anyone else on your TEAM then I would recommend going back to your "list of 100" and starting there for contacts.
Good luck!

Kim Murdock
Future Director

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
It's in how you do it.

I've done something like that before. The booth would've cost $500 for one evening just like yours. My new recruit and I printed up recipes and stamped out info on the other side and walked around the event. It was at Christmas time and I wore a PC santa hat with a red PC shirt. I just asked people if they wanted a free recipe. Some people took the card and kept on walking. Some I was able to engage. I got a few show leads through it. No one from management approached me.

Actually the organizer of the event had a Jan show for me the following month.