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What to do with a maybe?

Feb 3, 2005
I had a show last night and I had a lady who expressed interest in joining the Pampered Chef group. However, I did not have an opportunity to speak one on one with her because I had other guests I was speaking too. So my question is how can I change her maybe into a yes when I call her at home?

Chef Rose


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Apr 14, 2004
First of all, recruiting is listening. Give her a call. By listening to the answers she gives to your questions- both of you will be able to determine whether Pampered Chef is right for her. Ask her why is she interested in Pampered Chef? Why does she think Pampered Chef would work for her? Does she have any concerns?
If evrything goes well then suggest a one on one meeting.
Feb 8, 2005
How to Handle a Maybe

I think your best best is to call her and fill her in on all the positives of joining right away. You'll have to find her "hot" button and emphasize the benefits of our company based on her "hot" button (money, flexibility, whatever).