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What to do when you run our of bookings and people to call and possible fundraisers

Jul 1, 2015
I started in May. The first month I did 3 shows but couldn't get anyone from the shows to book a party. The reasons they gave were valid and they all were open to doing it in the future but not now because of situations with their houses (remodeling, adult child and large family moved back in, husband with cancer, etc.). I've called every person I know for more shows but I keep hearing 'I already have a consultant'. I've asked every non-profit, youth group, church and any one else I could find in town to do fundraisers and have gotten 9 to say yes, which was exciting. However, in June I held 3 of them and 1 of them refused to promote it AT ALL because they were too busy and it literally got nothing in sales. Zero! Another one acted like they were going to promote it but only mentioned it to a couple of people for reasons that were never made clear to me and only sold 355.00 with two orders only. The 3rd one sold just 263.00 but it was for a dog rescue so that audience is smaller and less known but she promoted it as much as she could. I have 5 other fundraisers coming up in August and October, but I'm not expecting much given what has happened so far with fundraisers. I read the paper everyday specifically looking for possible fundraisers (community section in particular). I read church bulletins online looking for fundraisers. I stop at any car wash fundraiser or cookie dough sale type thing in parking lots and hand out my information. Doing all this takes a lot of time which I wouldn't mind doing if it were getting me places but it isn't.

For the month of July I have zero shows booked so I'm doing my own Freezer Meal workshop for back to school as our schools start in early August. It's scheduled for July 25th and so far 4 people have shown interest. I won't know for sure who's coming until Friday when I order their items for the show. After all this I'm literally out of ideas at this point going forward.

I'm doing a bridal show later this month and a craft show to see if that brings anything in. Total cost to get in = 275.00 + 60.00 which means I need $335.00 in commission to break even on just the vendor fee for the events, not including what I'm going to spend on gas and show supplies. This means I will need to sell over 1600 in products during these two shows which I'm starting to think is not going to happen. If this doesn't produce anything at all (sales, bookings, recruits) I'm going to have to take a good look at this business and decide if maybe I'm just not cut out for it. I'll be sad about quitting because I enjoy it but I can't afford to keep doing it with commission checks of $120.00 per month. That is not even paying for just supplies (folders, etc.) and gas much less the time I'm putting in. If anyone has any suggestions to get bookings, I'd really appreciate it.


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Mar 21, 2007
A few suggestions:

1. Go back and review your list of 100.
2. Call past hosts and customers to check in with their orders.
3. Put on some logo wear and go out and about, make it a goal to hand out 10 mini catalogs within a week and get contact information.
4. Visit tag sales and start up a conversation about Pampered Chef.
5. Pamper a Business (do a search on this site on the topic).
6. When you get a "No", ask for a referral.
Jul 1, 2015
Thanks for answering. 1&2 I've done to death. 3 I use my tote bag as a purse now and have handed out stuff but no luck there. 4 I'm not sure what a tag sale is. Can you elaborate? I'm going to try number 5. I'll also try number 6.

I'm thinking about joining our chamber of commerce and asking if they'll allow me to do a fundraiser night once a month at their office. (It's large and they are very active in the community) the fundraiser amount can go towards whatever group comes forward and says they want it. It'll at least allow me to network more. Thanks for the response.
Jul 1, 2015
Another idea I have is to start a cooking club in my town. Members would meet once a month to sample each other's food, and share recipes and cooking tips. It wouldn't necessarily be pampered chef centered but I think it would open up new doors. Just another thought.
Jul 1, 2015
Update: last Saturday from 9-3 I had a booth at a craft show. It was a complete bomb. There were like 20 customers total all day in the place. I might have one fundraiser from it but that was it other than a replacement part order. Since the replacement order policy and prices are changing soon, I suggested she order it before July 22nd to say a few bucks. Honestly on the 45 minute drive home from this craft show I was starting to think I shouldn't do this anymore because it's costing a lot of time and money and I'm not really getting anywhere. I was pretty bummed to say the least. But then the bridal show was Sunday...

I decided to go in with a good attitude, a lot of energy, try my best and just see where it goes. Well, it completely turned me around!!! I got 32 SOLID leads with people really wanting more info on shows and some even regarding recruiting. I got another 20-30 not as solid leads from the raffle I did but on those, whoever wrote their email on it will be getting put on my mailing list anyway. With the solid leads, I'm going to take a 3 pronged contact approach. I'm sending them an email tonight (the Monday after the show), then I'm calling them tomorrow night (Tuesday) then in about a week when my postcards I'm ordering from PC come in, I'm sending them that as well. I'm hoping this method keeps me in their mind and allows me to book several shows. I have a couple of other non-brides who wanted shows and to place orders as well. I am really hoping I get at least 8 or so shows out of 32 people who were really interested. That would be 25% which is high but they expressed interest so I think I can do it. My business card is also a magnet so I'm hoping my 'advertisement' is in all of their kitchens now! That might bring business too!!! YAY!! I might actually be able to do this! If anyone has any suggestions for getting bookings through these solid leads, I'm all ears!

Niki Kate

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Nov 30, 2015

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one having these issues.

What are the Mini Catalogs everyone is talking about? Are those the small cookbooks - like Seasons Best? I'm pretty okay handing those out to just about everyone.

What kind of raffle do you do? I've been using outlet supplies as the prize- but I'm realizing that I'm losing out on the opportunity for sales. I'm totally bummed.

How did you find the bridal show? I feel like I'm too advanced to be new, but don't know how to be advanced.

Niki K.
Jan 13, 2016
I'm having the same problem and I can't market to my FB friends or family. I have a display set up at the local bakery. I'm not giving up because this experience is giving me awesome content but it is extremely frustrating when you do what everyone says do and don't see any results from your work.
Sometimes this feels like playing the lottery...