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What to do...kit

Feb 22, 2005
I am having trouble with the file search. I am looking for the "What to do while you wait for you kit" flyer but don't know the exact name of it and that seems to make a difference in the search. Any help?
Nov 23, 2005
Is this what you are looking for? :D I can't take credit for it though. I found it here.


  • what to do while waiting for kit to arrive.doc
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This is why you want to have Quick Start Boxes

In my opinion, there's no better way to get a new consultant started and keep her/him excited than to be able to meet the day after the agreement is done on line and hand off the Quick Start Box.

I compile the grey binder (takes not even two minutes) and go over the welcome booklet when we meet. No question now about what to do while waiting for the kit!

If you're a director, you can have these on hand (paperwork supply order form). If you're not a director yet, ask your director to order one or two. The director pays nothing for them UNLESS they are not used by the end of the selling season - a great incentive for me, personally, to keep several on hand and keep recruiting!

If you are going to use the flyer posted here, you'll need to update it. The paperwork supplies no longer come in the box that can double as a filing/storage box.
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Jan 11, 2006
Great Starter List!

I recently decided to become a Kitchen Consultant (recently, meaning I actually completed my Consultant Agreement about 6 hours ago) whew who!!

This is great information!



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May 6, 2005
AWESOME!!! Welcome to Pampered Chef. It's great that you found this website, too, because it's a great source of information. I always love to hear when someone is starting their business. :) Congratulations! Were you a host? What attracted you to PC? I always like to hear people's stories and where they've come from. What made you decide to take the plunge? I think it's great to get people's input because I'm sure there are some people lurking around out there who have contemplated doing what you did, but haven't taken the plunge. And it's AWESOME that you're doing it now because you get to take advantage of the new Executive cookware promotion for new consultants.

Anyway, welcome to the family and please post questions as they come up! We'll all answer what we can. :)