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What to bring to BRU?


Advanced Member
Apr 18, 2006
What is everyone bringing to BRU?
My friend and I are doing the event together and are thinking we need to rethink what we are planning to bring to the event. Such as products.
Thanks for the help.


Mar 3, 2006
I am so mixed up also! My director said to bring items to make ti easy for mom to care for baby. I want to focus on pampering mom more but I really don't know! Hope to get some great ideas over the next few days!!


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
I'm right there with you! It is Tuesday and I'm not at all prepared!

-Definitely all the HWC pink products.
-Gift basket to give away, Survey Drawing slips, St. st Mix Bowl to hold drawing slips
-flipchart with specials (MAY AND JUNE only) fundraising flyer, Wedding reg. flyer, host plan flyer
-3-tier stand, with SA filled with some food? mini muffins, brownies??
-Opportunity brochures
-if I had the soap and lotion set, i'd bring that!! let them try out the lotion
-Woven Selections(June HS) filled with baby rattles, pink and blue washclothes or something...
I'm stumped on the product part of it too... I don't want my table to look cluttered and junked up. I may put the cooling rack under a baby looking piece of fabric to add demension
I'd like ideas on decorating the table... maybe baby foot print cut outs 'walking' around the table??

I think pampering mom for us means the products that we have that new moms can use that will make fixing dinner FAST(before baby cries!) and EASY (She's tired, HAS to cook, but wants to be sitting down, so get her in and out of the kitchen!)

Rice cooker?... put rice in and forget about it
Carafe?... get very hot water in it, put it in babies room along with formula, and don't have to go to kitchen in middle of night...
>>>I breast fed, so I THINK this would work, tell me what you think
Kids Cookie Making Set, My Safe Cutter, etc - mom can spend quality time with older sibling... to help buff the sibling rivalry !!

I'm still thinking...


Mar 7, 2006
I am debating the grilling stuff myself, what better way to pamper mom that have dad cook dinner and if their DH is like mine he would rather grill than use the stove.


Feb 23, 2006
Also, the micro-cookers. It's a quick way to make veggies and whatnot. I got mine yesterday and I am making so much stuff in them. I think I am addicted, because it is so super easy.

Tell me a better way to pamper mom then by giving her top quality kitchen tools that make life easy, not only in the kitchen? To me that is pampering mom.

I think we get so caught up inthe notion that pampered has to come from long days at the spa, makeovers, and whatnot, that we forget that pampering comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and choices.