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What should she do?


Mar 16, 2006
My friend had a show with another consultant just before I signed up. Along with her order she recieved a Skinny Scraper that was extra. She contacted HO who told her they'd send her a shipping label to send it back but it never came. This was in March. She still has it in the original bag and was asking me what to do with it today. Should I tell her to keep it or call HO again? She was even thinking of just sending it back herself but I told her she shouldn't have to pay the shipping. :confused:


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Mar 12, 2006
Email HO and see what they want her to do. It could be that the shipping label was sent to the other consultant.


I've had some times where they don't ask for the item back. I guess they figure the extra cost and time in creating the label, postage and restocking just isn't worth it. I just had a show where they sent an extra one classic but not a small mix n scraper. They told me to tell the hostess to just keep the item for her inconvenience.

If you or she call they may just tell you the same thing especially since it has been a couple of months. I'm sure she just wants to get it wrapped up.



Apr 7, 2006
There is a section on the back of the reciepts about cancelling an order, (I know this isn't your friends situation) but they say that
"If you make the products available to Company and Company does not pick them up within 20 days of the date of your cancelation, you may retain or dispose of the products without further obligation."
So...it seems like your friends tried to return them, I would think that this would apply to her as well.


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Oct 22, 2005
keep it

I'd keep it without guilt. However, if you call (e-mail is probably different), you can always ask if the host can keep it. The customer service folks are not looking at the price and just go through the motion of sending out a label. I called about one extra quick-cut paring knife and they wanted the host to return it. I then asked if she could keep it since it was so inexpensive and they said "yes." I think the rep didn't know the cost.