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Pampered Chef: Booths What should I take for bridal show booth?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm doing my first booth of anything ever, and it's for a bridal shower outside of a mall area, and I wondered if anyone had a checklist of everything you should have for the booth, it's next weekend!
    Thanks so much!
    Feb 22, 2006
  2. Just did a show

    I just did a bridal show in NY last week and we had the following on the table and it looked really nice:

    Stainless Steel bowls nested together with a whisk in it (you can add other stainless steel products in it)

    1 Professional cookware piece and 1 Executive cookware piece (we put the egg seperator in the saucepan).

    The 3 tiered Simple Additions stand with candy in it

    1 Stoneware piece inside of a woven selection piece

    Some of the popular starter kit items (Chopper, Garlic Press and Cheese Grater)

    We tried to display alot of our collection pieces.

    Definately try to add height to the table by putting boxes under the table cloth and placing items on it.

    Hope that helps...
    Feb 25, 2006
  3. I have one coming up

    I only have a six foot table and I really want to make it look good. So far, we have decided to do one side for the registry and the other side for a drawing. I am planning on having some products in the middle (cookware, food chopper, SA, stoneware, maybe some small stuff too) and also a binder with flyers for the guest/host specials for the next three months, fundraising info, host benefits, business info, etc. For the registry side, we are going to have a sign saying something like, "Receive a FREE gift when you create your registry today!" (SB cookbook). Then I plan on having some wish lists and highlighters with a few S/S catalogs and a slip for the bride to fill out with her info. I will attach the slip to the wishlist and then later put it in the drawing for the freebies. I am also planning on giving the brides that register a new catalog to take with them along with my card and their SB cookbook. Then, for the drawing, we are offering a round stone w/ rack and 5 free cooking shows. I have slips for the brides (same as the ones for the registry) and for the friends of the brides, that way I still have the brides info even if she doesn't want to register right then. I'll attach those for you to see. In the middle, in front of my product display, I am thinking I will put some old catalogs (with the disc. list attached) and some opportunity brochures along with my biz cards. Maybe some candy in the SA dishes, who knows. Hope this helps, anyone with any ideas how I could change or improve this, PLEASE let me know!!!

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  4. I forgot...

    I found these drawing slips on here, I think they are GREAT! I am going to change mine a little bit to incorporate some of the stuff from these. At least you have to read it to mark whether you are interested or not...so cute! I am also bringing some host packets for catalog and kitchen shows and also some recruiting packets, just in case!

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  5. We also used the batter bowl with the cover to hold the prize drawing. You can do the Bride DPS on one color and the "Friend of" on white paper so you know the difference.
    Feb 25, 2006
  6. afshea

    afshea Member

    Stoneware rack...

    When I have a table set up, I bring a stoneware rack so that I can have a variety of items. I have the Bamboo Carving board in the back, then the large SA platter, a 12" skillet, with the lid (you have to remove one of the dowels) and a piece of stoneware. That way, I have something from several collections...but they aren't all laid out flat flat flat on the table. I hate that!
    Feb 25, 2006
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