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What should I make for 21-35 people?!


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Mar 29, 2005
Hey everyone! I have a show (an hour away!) on Friday and the host told me last night that she has 21 definite yes's and 14 maybes and she's going to call me on Weds/Thurs to give me a final head count. She's going to have margaritas and I'm going to make the touchdown taco dip when I get there but I don't know what to make during the demo. I was thinking the taco ring or the family-sized burrito. I have never done a show with this many people and am worried that we won't have enough food to go around. Please help me come up with some ideas on what to make and how much to make. :eek: I plan on getting there an hour early to set up and make the taco dip. I have even recruited my hubby to come along (if he decides not to come, my cousin will come with me to help me out!) so I know I'll have some help! Thanks in advance! :)


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May 6, 2005
I would maybe double the Touchdown Taco Dip and do it in the Oval Baker or Deep Dish Baker if you have one of those. Wow, that'll be a great show!! I think the Taco Ring is good, but if you already have the Taco Dip, I wonder if doing something else like the Chicken Enchilada Ring would offer more variety. Keep in mind that your demo recipes are for people to TASTE, not to feed themselves a whole meal off of. Hopefully the host might have something else easy like chips and salsa or veggies and dip.

Also, not to scare you, but be prepared for LOTS of conversation and side talking during your demo. That's the only drawback to crowds this big. It happens to me quite often with big groups.....especially when they're drinking margaritas!! I haven't done this yet, but plan to at my next huge show.....maybe put some tidbits and info about products in envelopes and write the name of the product on the outside. You can even print up the Use and Care Cards from CC and stick them in there. Hand a bunch out....maybe not to everyone, but sprinkle them around. When you demo a certain product, the person has to read their respective tidbits of info about that product. Obviously the person needs to pay attention in order to do this and hopefully you wind up with less commotion. Good luck!!!
Sep 20, 2005
That sound's like fun!!!! I would recommend maybe one of our pizzas like the garden ranch or the dessert pizze, my suggestion would be to do a rectangle one using rect. stone or rect. baker so you can cut it into small swuares and make sure there are enough sqares for everyone to sample!


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Feb 14, 2005
To keep everyones attention you could play pass the spoon. Give someone the spoon at the start of your demo and tell them to pass it every time you say a certain word. You choose the word. The winner is the one at the end of the demo with the wooden spoon.