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What mistakes have you made? X Post

Nov 8, 2005

I am new to Pampered Chef and this website is great! So many of you have posted great tips and ideas but I was wondering if some of you wouldn't mind posting about some of the mistakes you made in the beginning? I.E. demonstrating too many recipes, too many / too few bookings, business, mistakes, etc. Also, what would you have done differently when you first started? Thanks!


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Aug 24, 2005
If I was starting out all over again, I would borrow more product from my director/recruiter for shows instead of buying it all (and I really do mean almost all!!) in my first few months. Also, when I started, I only booked the 4 shows I needed for the first month--and then my super starter period was extremely stressful, because I was always wondering where my next show was coming from. I wasn't getting many bookings from my shows until probably my fourth or fifth month. So if I had it to do over, I would book 16 shows or so for the first several months to alleviate that stress.


May 16, 2005
My biggest mistake was not booking enough shows during my SS. I missed my SS#3 by $300 because of a cancellation.

I also learned a big lesson a couple of show ago. I will never do more than one recipe demo. I decided to do 2 and by the time I started putting the second one together I had totally lost my audience.

The best tip I got from this site is "Keep it Simple!"

Good Luck!
May 26, 2005
What mistakes have you made

When I did my first show 2 years ago, I made the pepperoni twist pizza. I thought I was doing real good until the end after the pizza was done. I noticed I forgot to put an ingredient in. It was something small like oregano or italian seasoning. The pizza still tasted good but it would have been a lot better.

I have also left one of the products that I was going to use to demo a recipe. Luckily my host had that product. I was rushed.

Just remember to take your time whether your loading or unloading products, doing a demo, taking orders, etc. Don't feel rushed or try to hurry for any reason. But sometimes that can be helped. So, remember if you forget an ingredient to a recipe or forget order forms or whatever the situation is make a joke about it and laugh. :)


Oct 26, 2005
One of the biggest mistakes I made in the very beginning (1st & 2nd mos.) was I let my Hosts pick their show dates. HUGE mistake! :eek: Always have the dates marked on your calendar that YOU want to do shows. It doesn't hurt to, every now and then, to do a show on another date if it means you will lose that Host but I think you will find that it doesn't happen very often (in 4 years it has only happened to me 3 times).

Another thing is KEEP IT SIMPLE and stick to the basics. One recipe is best! I used to do 2 but it is too much and you lose your audience big time! :( If my Host has more than 10 confirmed "yes's" attending ask if she/he would like to have a 2nd recipe but have it done completely before your show starts.

I also agree with the person who said not to BUY everything!!! Don't spend a lot of money in the beginning because it can backfire on you if you are not careful. Be aware of your spending/income so that you don't get your self in a pinch.

Future Director


May 19, 2005
too many mistakes to name!

Kate...learn from my mistakes! I like everyone else's input, too, but it just goes to show, hind-sight is always better than fore-sight & Thank the Lord I got a second chance!!!!

I've been more dominant~not pushy, but dominant about handing my calendar to people & asking them if they would like to have a show...I offer them kitchen, catalog, or bridal! If they know someone getting married I immediately ask them to pass my info on to the bride-to-be & tell them the benefits of becoming a "Pampered Bride."

I've walked away with at least 1 booking from each of my shows which I'm happy with. I've also re-booked my host for another show in the near future (something I didn't do when I first started!) Push that booking benefit! I try to pay attention to customers during my shows...watch their body language & their facial expressions...there's where your future hosts are. (If they are nodding their head during the show & talking with other customers about products...their he/she is!) All you've got to do is ask...because they won't always speak up!

As far as cooking mistakes go...too many to list...just last week I was rushed at a show...had 25+ people in attendance(several were there who had never been to a pc party or owned anything pc)...wasn't paying a lot of attention to the recipe that I was making(was doing my selling spill)...added toooooo much baking soda :eek: ...the dessert tasted NASTY! I spit it out myself! I was ready to crawl under the house!!!! It turned out to be a $900.00+ show & I got 3 possibly 4 bookings. ;)

It's ALL about ATTITUDE! I laughed about it...went through the house, apologized about the dessert, & now it's turned into a joke with some of my friends who were in attendance! Now I'm going to joke in the future that if the recipe calls for baking soda...someone else can measure it out & add it to the recipe for me! LOL!
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