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What is your best organization tip?

Jan 11, 2006
Hi everyone
I am just wondering how everyone organizes for their business. Do you have anything that works great for you that you would not mind sharing? :confused:
I feel like I have so much information and am not sure exactly how to best store it so that it is useful to me (ex: theme shows, booking tips, quick tips, etc)
Thanks for your ideas! :)
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Jan 12, 2006
I have a good idea, but no space to personally utilize this idea.

I picture a good way to organize by having a bookshelf type thing with a bunch of shelves or cubicles. Could be built on a wall or like a pantry (saw something similar on Martha's pantry special about a week ago).
My cats would think it's their new playhouse, but then you could put catalogs in one place, host giveaways, extra merchandise, place for a filing system.
You can cover the front by putting some sort of curtain on the front that's easy to remove or slide to the side for easy access, but hides it away when not in use.
I'm sorry if I'm not giving a good visualization. I can see it in my head though.


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Apr 12, 2005
Sorry it's a novel!!!

I keep things in 2 seperate places. First I have documents saved on my computer. Those are sorted into smaller files like one for host packet info, games, recruiting, recipes, business flyers, etc.

Then I also have a binder system in my office. The binders that have more then one subject I use the tabbed dividers to seperate. One binder is for recipes sorted by desserts, appetizers, etc. Then I have one that has games (I haven't worked out a system I like for this one yet). One that has the monthly sales diary, phone contact list, expense records,etc. One that has Kitchen Consultant News and Weekly Bites. One that has product tips, quick tips, show tips, food tips, host coaching tips, etc. These are on a book shelf with cookbooks and door prizes.

On my desk I have one of those file sorters. One has host info, one is current show leads, one is current recruiting leads, and one is for open shows.

Okay last one :p I also have a file cabinet in my basement. In there I keep catalogs and unused receipts in the bottom drawer, the top drawer has closed shows, consultant agreements, etc.

Hopefully this will help.

Also for the documents that are more then one page I staple those together so that they are easy to sort through. If you stick one paged documents inbetween those. So those are easy to sort through also. You could add a table of contents but I'm always adding to them.
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