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Pampered Chef: What is "THREE FOR ME"?!?!

  1. nikked

    nikked Senior Member Gold Member

    Inquiring minds want to know! At least I do! I have searched the posts over, but cannot seem to find an explanation of what it is, just vague references to it.

    So, could someone who was at Leadership please explain? I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks! Happy selling!
    Jan 29, 2006
  2. chefmary

    chefmary Member Gold Member

    3 for me is aimed at Future Directors. The assumption is that a Future Director has at least two active consultants. At Leadership, Future Directors were encouraged to be a little "selfish" at this stage of their careers, really looking for "3 for me" to promote to Directorship.


    Jan 29, 2006
  3. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member

    Jean Jonas

    Jean Jonas challenged EVERYONE (not just futures) at leadership to get "THREE FOR ME." The challenge was 3 new recruits in January. These challenges are to help everyone meet their goals! There is nothing "selfish" about offering this amazing opportunity to everyone and adding to your team. If anything it is the most selfless thing you can do!

    I am still working on my 3rd for this challenge!! I have 2 personal and have 3 cluster recruits! So this challenge has made my team grow!! :D
    Jan 29, 2006
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