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What is this product?


Gold Member
Nov 9, 2005
I have a recruit that has called me stating that at her show last weekend there was a mom and her adult daughter that had bought a product some time back (not sure how many years ago?) and was wanting some more of them. She said they was describing them as a tool that took the silk off a fresh corn. I don't know if it was a brush or something else. I have looked back in several years worth of books and I have no clue to what they are talking about. I have been around PC since '98 and don't remember it personally. Can anybody help me out?


Aug 16, 2005
They used to sell a brush for taking the silk off corn (some friend of mine have it) but they do not have it anymore. Sorry!

Julie Myers
Denver, PA


Novice Member
Jan 27, 2006
Not sure of the product, but in my quick tips I share this tip:
Dampen a paper towel or cotton cloth, wring it almost dry, wipe the corn cob with the towel down the cob and the silk comes right off. I bet our new micro-fiber towels will grab the silk too. Just a thought. Hope this "quick tip" helps your customer.

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
Silk cleaner for corn on the cob

I found one in the Dollar store. It is a small rectangular, plastic brush with soft bristles.

You husk the corn, run the brush over the remaining silk, and rinse the ears.
It works fairly well.