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Pampered Chef: What is on your kit enhancement wish list?

  1. ChefForrester

    ChefForrester Novice Member

    I just earned my first PC dollars, and plan to use them during my 4th month kit enhancement. The person who recruited me has a great library of PC items that I can borrow from, so the temptation to spend them before hand will be less than normal. :chef: But there are quite a few things I can see that I will need for myself. You experienced cheffers, what would be on your kit enhancement wish list? And why? Go on a shopping spree vicariously through me and give me some advice - I've got some time to plan.
    Aug 24, 2009
  2. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    Deep Covered Baker
    Large grooved cutting board (unless you can still get that on a supply order...double check which way is cheaper)
    Tool Turn-About (definitely a must)
    Hot Pads/Oven mitt
    Santoku knife
    Can opener
    12 in executive skillet (unless you plan to host and get this at 60% off, that would be better, or as a 1/2 price item in the future)
    a strainer of some variety
    SS mixing bowls (lighter weight to carry to shows plus higher price tag to show)
    Trifle bowl
    Aug 24, 2009
  3. kam

    kam Legacy Member Staff Member

    I agree with Amanda's list. Except I got the DCB, 12" Skillet and SS bowls by hosting shows over the past few years and getting them 60% off or free.

    I sell so many trifle bowls (or get bookings because of it) when I demo it. I almost always limit my dessert choices to trifles.

    Here are some more suggestions:
    -A Bamboo serving item to show. The Med Bowl makes a great bowl for everyone to put their door prize slips in.
    -A Bamboo serving set (spatulas or spoons) - to show how nice they are.
    -If not the full size Santuku, then the 5"
    -Pineapple Wedger
    -Salad Choppers
    -Citrus Press
    -Sheet Pan (shows how sturdy these are). I use the Med Sheet Pan the most.
    -29 Min to Dinner Cookbook
    -All The Best Cookbook
    -Scoops! Atleast the small one - but I think it might still be on supply
    -New shears
    -New 2-cup Prep Bowls

    Even though you have part of these from your kit:
    -A full set of the Easy Read Measuring Cups
    -A full set of the Prep Bowls
    -Scrapers (I go through so many scrapers at a show...and having more than one means I don't have to keep cleaning it.)

    Maybe another piece of stoneware you have been wanting.

    Each time I have done Kit Enhancement, I have gotten things I wanted to use at home. I find if I use the tools everyday while cooking, I can sell them better.
    Aug 24, 2009
  4. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    Yes! Definitely true!!!! :)
    Aug 24, 2009
  5. ChefForrester

    ChefForrester Novice Member

    Are there any things you had to have and have yet to use, or very rarely use? I am thinking:
    12" covered skillet,
    fluted stoneware pan,
    full set of easy read measuring cups,
    silicone floral cupcake pan,
    bamboo platter,
    bamboo spoons,
    trifle bowl,
    a full set of prep bowls

    What simple additions can you not live without?

    I already have a DCB, a stoneware pie pan, a new cookie press and cookie sheet. . . plus some other odds and ends.

    I feel like I'm forgetting something obvious.:confused:
    Aug 27, 2009
  6. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    -The 12 in skillet I'm starting to use more, plus I use it tons at home.
    -The oven mitts/pads because I hated having to ask my host to borrow some and see her digging through drawers to find some.
    -I used the fluted stone at a few shows, maybe that's the one that I don't use the most often though. But there are some great recipes for it and it's fun to show people how stoneware can go in the microwave (if you aren't using the DCB at a show)
    -ERMC-I love, love, love these and use the full set all the time.
    -I don't own the silicone floral cupcake pan, so I can't comment on that one. I have contemplated getting it, but there is always something else higher on my wishlist. ;)
    -Bamboo platter-I love this for me, but my husband always teases me and says it looks like a cabinet door. :rolleyes: I use it a lot at show to serve bread w/ the bamboo little bowls w/ the dipping oils. Or crackers w/ a block of cream cheese w/ the pineapple rum sauce on top in the center. I have yet to sell one, but I still like it and will continue. Others have sold a lot of bamboo for serving this. (I'm just not one of the lucky ones ;) )
    -Bamboo spoons are great in conjunction w/ the 12 in skillet
    -Trifle bowl-I use mine SO much! It makes such impressive desserts that are so simple to throw together. The fact that there is a HUGE recipe file here in the files section, goes to show how many possible things you can serve in there. Plus it can be used as a beautiful centerpiece and I use it for prize drawing slips sometimes (at booths too)
    -Full set of Prep bowls--they are just so handy I was using them for my personal use all the time, I hated having to give them up to take to a show. Having the full set keeps me much happier. :)
    Aug 27, 2009
  7. lauriedip

    lauriedip Member

    hey, do you guys like the 1st or 2nd 29 minutes to dinner best? i will get one today but not sure which one, and all my guests ask to see it
    Aug 27, 2009
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