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What happens tomorrow (friday)

Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
Sometime tomorrow, not sure when, could be morning, afternoon or night, I will make the switch.

If you have paid the registration fee or paid for gold membership you will notice no difference, the site will function as normal, just as today.

If you're a member and haven't paid the fee by the time I swtich over tomorrow you will find the find the following:

- Viewing forums and posts disabled
- PM disabled
- No downloading and no features (shoutbox, files, recipes, directory, photos...)
* the homepage list of forums will be disabled and replaced with a notice saying you haven't paid and giving you link to do so *

If you are a visitor or visiting the forum logged-out you will find the following:

- Can view only the first page of posts
- No downloading and no features
- Ads, Ads and even more Ads
- more things I have yet to think of
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