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What games should I play?


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Mar 29, 2005
Hey everyone! I am having a show for 20-35 people and really don't know what games to play. I have been thinking that I'll give everyone a ticket when they first get there. I will tell them that if they are wanting to book a show, they will get whatever is in the shoebox. Of course if there is more than one person, we will have to draw tickets. I think this would be a fun way to add a little mystery into the show. The only people who will get their ticket into the drawing is people who actually have a show booked on my calendar. It adds a little excitement with not knowing what is in there.
WHat do you guys think of that? Have any of you done something like this? None of these people have been to one of my shows before and I really want to do something fun! Please help! I welcome all kinds of suggestions and comments! :)