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What else can I do?


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Jul 7, 2005
I have a new recruit, and was so excited to see the email PC sent saying she was "in process" on her application online.

but this was a person I had never met, didn't know, and didn't know me!

It was so odd, but I was SOooo excited, I called her to congratulate her as soon as she signed. I am on the West coast and she is in the midwest...it was about 9:55pm her time - sounded like she was getting out of bed to talk to me.

Suddenly when I asked what her plans were for her business in the next couple of months, she got very cold and said it was too late in her house, and that people were trying to sleep (it was about 10:15 her time now).

I've sent 5 encouraging/inspirational emails, called and left several messages, even set a time in email "I'll call you Saturday". When I call, she doesn't answer.

Once I thought it was her, but the person said it was her daughter and didn't know when the "mom" would be home.

She signed in June for a superstarter 1 in July. No sales ever sent in.

My Exec Director suggested to have my director call her and see what's up. Any other suggestions? :confused: It is just weird.

I understand people do occasionally sign up just to get products for $90 instead of $350 - and do nothing. Otherwise, my buisness is finally starting to catch on - I had a $765 show last week, and got a booking from someone in our accounting office for September. :)


Jun 6, 2005
That was strange. A Kit-naper in progress, if she hasn't done anything. O well hopefully your director can find something out. Good luck and great sales. The fall should get better with all the new items.


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Jun 14, 2005
I have had situations like this go both ways.. I have had a couple of recruits that did nothing for the first couple or months, and I have had a kit napper too. I would try calling her or emailing her and ask when is a good time to talk. I think it is a good idea to have your director call as well. And most importantly.... Try not to take it personally. It is hard, we all take these people that don't share our excitment a little hard. Don't give up!