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What does a 'ring' look like?


Novice Member
Sep 14, 2005
I hate to be stupid but I'm a newbie and I have never seen a Taco Ring or Chicken Ring or anything of the like done at a show. Can someone direct me to a file where there is a picture of one? I thought I understood the concept from reading the Taco Ring recipe but then I read a Rockin Reuben Ring recipe and I'm not sure I know how it's supposed to look.

Thanks to everyone!


Oct 3, 2005
Ring's are my best seller! at a show

You can see some ring pictures in any of the older Stoneware Sensations Cookbooks. Maybe even the new Stoneware cookbooks.
Have you ever done a ring before?
I think w/ the taco one, you do the ring w/ the meat and the lettace & tomato go inside the inner part of the circle once it comes out of the oven. I have never done the taco ring before, but that's what the pix i've seen look like.... let me know if you need some ring recipes. :)

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
If you don't have the All the Best cookbook from PC I highly suggest it. It shows and explains how to make the rings, wreaths, braids and gives you filling recipes for them. It is my best selling cookbook when I show guests that part of the cookbook.