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What do you suggest?


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Jul 7, 2005
My dad has 20+y.o. P.O.C.* pots (and makes pasta in an aluminum small stockpot) and I want to get him a small amount of cookware. What would you suggest for someone who tells you "I don't cook" and cooking isn't his thing?

I'm thinking 5pc Executive plus an 8" saute pan, a set of basic nyon tools and a small microcooker. What do you all think?


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Apr 15, 2009
That is a generous and awesome. Your list is great. If you want different items...what about....

the 12" executive skillet.....he can use it for a skillet or stockpot, and not feel "overwhemed" with so many pots and pans. Definitely the nylon tools and microcooker. I would add the DCB or the mini baker and rice cooker.

Then come over once a week and prepare a recipe with each item so that he can see that they will make life easier. Pasta in the rice cooker....pork tenderloin or chicken fajitas in the DCB. Chicken Tortilla Soup or Enchilada Soup in the 12". Taco Meat or Chicken breasts in the microcooker.

= )


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Oct 19, 2008
I think that is a great idea. That is what I got my MIL for Christmas (she is only cooking for one) and she loves them!