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Pampered Chef: Sales What did you do with your first BIG commission check?

  1. jwpamp

    jwpamp Veteran Member

    Just wondering...I just got my first one, in SS#1, it was $840, I bought a new dishwasher to clean all those dirty products after the show! Woo-hoo! No more dry, chapped hands! Oh, the rest went to my 23 year old daughter to help her with rent. Hey, It's better than her moving back in! I know, everyone asks me...."will you be my mom?" :D
    Feb 18, 2006
  2. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    Beating my Best

    My biggest so far was my SS1 and I paid my Van payment with it! I will beat it this month and will be paying off all sorts of things! I already have 5 Cooking shows scheduled next month PLUS my Mystery Host Open house and a Fundraiser! Plus I have a Cooking Show that's turned to a catalog show that will be left over after this month and I still have 3 catalog shows open this month! :D WooHoo! I can't wait!
    Feb 18, 2006
  3. jwpamp

    jwpamp Veteran Member

    That is awesome, Donna! I am so excited about this incredible opportunity we have been given! I actually made the Top 50 list for SS#1. Quite an accomplishment with all of the amazing sales that the Hurricane States did!
    Feb 18, 2006
  4. nikked

    nikked Senior Member Gold Member

    Mine's more simple than that...

    My family likes to eat out a lot, but who has the money? With my first paycheck over $100, I took my family out to dinner on TPC! It was a lot of fun to pay for it myself. We tried a new restaurant, had appetizers and desserts without blinking. It was a very memorable night!
    Feb 18, 2006
  5. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    Awesome November

    My November 2005 commission was $1652, so we were able to pay CASH for Christmas gifts :D , and we bought a new much needed dryer!

    Feb 18, 2006
  6. Ice Skating lessons

    I bought a pair of skates and 13 weeks of lessons. I start today! :D
    Feb 18, 2006
  7. Jennie4PC

    Jennie4PC Legacy Member

    I bought Christmas with my biggest check
    Feb 18, 2006
  8. afshea

    afshea Member

    First big paycheck

    I loved taking my first big paycheck and paying the house payment, my van payment AND the kids tuition for the month! That was fun! I don't do that all the time, but it let my husband know that I make real money!
    Feb 18, 2006
  9. heat123

    heat123 Legend Member Silver Member


    I aspire to pay for our Mortgage (some $1700 :rolleyes:) one month at least! My biggest check so far paid for a trip to disneyland for the family! It was fun! Now I'm paying off my Kit enhancement month! :eek:
    Feb 18, 2006
  10. adventurechef

    adventurechef Member

    Congratulations to all of you!!!

    These are great personal testimonies to the benefits of joining Pampered Chef. I cannot wait for my first large commission check, its slow right now but I'm going to keep plodding along and I will get there soon.

    All the best, Linda
  11. Terrygyrl

    Terrygyrl Novice Member

    This post is a great inspiration for newbies!
    Feb 19, 2006
  12. Cindycooks

    Cindycooks Veteran Member Silver Member

    Bought a $113 pair of black Dansko clogs. I'd been wanting a pair forever! The check was around $700, and it felt soooo good just to walk in the shoe store and not feel guilty paying that much for shoes!
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2006
    Feb 19, 2006
  13. GeorgiaPeach

    GeorgiaPeach Veteran Member Silver Member

    My first big paycheck bought me a laptop :) I still remember hearing an Executive director talk about spending a day with her daughter pricing things for her wedding and then coming home and opening a $10,000 paycheck...turning to her daughter and saying "You can have anything you want." It brought tears to my eyes (still does) since I have a daughter and I want her to have her dream wedding. She is 16 so I have a couple years to get there :D
    Feb 19, 2006
  14. Cindycooks

    Cindycooks Veteran Member Silver Member

    I already had a laptop - but I used all my checks last year to help pay for my daughters June wedding. It was wonderful to just walk in someplace and not even have too worry about the cost! I paid for the flowers with one check, the cake with another. Her jewelry. The DJ. Cute flipflops & jewelry for the bridesmaids (it was an outdoor wedding on the water)...YES - I was able to give her a dream wedding too!

    Just no $10,000 check here! But I'm working on that dream too!
    Feb 20, 2006
  15. pchefinski

    pchefinski Advanced Member

    I haven't had a huge paycheck yet, as I've struggled in my business from the beginning. But there is always my dream: paying off our credit card debt in ONE YEAR. :D It might seem completely out of this world, and as if I'm deluding myself, but I'm working really hard to make that a reality! That's $1,000 paycheck every month! Kind of intimidating, but hey, it could happen, right? Just goes to show how much more determination you can muster when you have something to work for.. Good luck everyone and keep those updates coming! :D
    Apr 24, 2006
  16. gilliandanielle

    gilliandanielle Legend Member

    My first big check was $330 and I put it all back into my business! I bought items from VIP, and Merrill, and of course PC!! I have found that the shirts from VIP and professional image that the Merrill products instill have at least doubled my business.

    Gillian Wright
    Wasilla, Alaska

    *** This time next year I hope to be paying my mortgage!!***
  17. h_simcox

    h_simcox Member

    I have always struggled with PC but so far I have been able to buy new garage doors and some work out equipment I really wanted. Now to get on it and lose the baby chubb!! My main goal though is to pay off my van, after that I will choose another bill and pour my profit into it until all of our bills are gone and we can save for our move to Florida (where I grew up). That is our 5 year plan!! Can't just up and move 4 kids just becouse the weather is nicer!!
    Apr 24, 2006
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