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What can we do?


Novice Member
Mar 16, 2005
Hi all- I have a question. Can we do FR for things such as raising money for growth hormone therepy for a child or In-vetro Fertilization for someone who's insurance won't cover it? I had someone ask about both situations. Let me know if anyone knows about this kind of thing and how to go about doing it. Thanks so much! Nicole


Apr 22, 2005
From what I understand, as long as the fundraiser is legitimate, it can be done for anything. I would e-mail HO just to be sure.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I did a fundraiser for a couple who set up a fund because they were raising money to adopt a child. Their in-vitro was unsuccessful, so they decided to go the adoption route but the expense wasn't going to make it possible. I was told by HO back then that as long as there is an actual fund set up at a bank, the name of that fund is who they will cut the check to. Pretty much anything is possible I believe.