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What a great 30 days!!


Jan 12, 2007
I'm so excited and even though my family is happy for me, they just don't get it like y'all will...my first 30 day period ends tonight at midnight. I'm submitting my 4th show and I have passed the $1250.00 mark too!! I can hardly believe what that all means to me...I'm qualified!, nice commission!, free mid-season products!, and $200 PC dollars to use in kit enhancement month! I love doing this and wished I'd done it long ago! I never had this kind of success when I was a scrapbook company consultant. PC is great because everyone knows about it and loves it (mostly), and it really sells itself for the most part. I made the lime-berry mousse trifle yesterday for my family and parents for Easter and they loved it. I hadn't had it before either and couldn't believe how good it was. My dad went back for seconds and he is a picky eater. My aunt is coming to town in a few weeks and my parents are bringing a brisket. My mom requested that I make this dessert again. Anyway, it's a good day and I wanted to share my excitement...thanks!!


Advanced Member
Dec 1, 2006
WOO HOO!! I made that trifle to take to my parents house for lunch yesterday. It was awesome!!! I'm making it for a show this weekend and needed to practice!