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Went to a Tastefully Simple Party the Other Night

Sep 6, 2005
I had a great time. I actually had bought a few products from this particular consultant before so I knew her. One of the things I noticed about her was how relaxed she was while doing her presentation and how easy it was for her to ask for bookings. As a result (and the fact that she let anyone who booked a show choose one of the items from her display) she left with 3 bookings that I know of (I left before alot of other people). I realized that maybe I try too HARD to get bookings. Maybe I seem a little desperate. I'm going to try the relaxed approach and see how it goes.

I spent a little time talking with her while placing my order - I found out that she is a Senior director (or the equivalent of ) with 90 consultants in her cluster. She does roughly four shows a week (I cannot imagine being able to do that many!). She says that she has fun at her shows and thinks that's why she's been so successful. I need to try that. I get really uptight and nervous before shows and maybe that shows in my presentation. Who knows??


Aug 24, 2005
You are so right! I remember when I first started and I looked, sounded and smelled desperate for bookings. Somewhere along the line, something clicked and my attitude really shifted. When I realized that I really could give people a fun evening and free stuff, I stopped feeling like I was asking them to do a show "for me." It helps me so much to know that I am OFFERING them something of value, instead of ASKING them for a favor.


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Apr 13, 2004
It's all true!

Everything you feel inside shows on your face and in your demeaner.
It is difficult at first because you really do feel like you NEED this and you NEED to do that. You know what? Forget about it!
It is really odd how when you relax, it just comes out! I have to laugh. I found out about three years in that I actually have what I call my host groupies. I have so much fun when I do my shows and I never pressure anyone. Many of my hosts will go to other PC shows with other consultants. they place ther "obligational order fro the friend who invited them. then when they get home, they call me to book if they really want something. I have actually stolen hosts from other consultants after they attend a show of mine or they realize they should have booked with me.
I had one lady who was already booked with another consultant. She cringed everythime the consultant called her because it was a "you have do this", "you need to do this much in sales" and "I expect this" type of conversation. One week before that show was to be held. the host, who had previously done a show with me, called almost in tears and asked if I would do the show as the invites were out and she already had orders but HATED the consultant. I did it. Peggy later told me it wasn't so much what the consultant was saying, it was how she was saying it that really got to her. It made Peggy nervous and she felt stupid. Like she had no idea what to do at all. I have NEVER given a host a reason to be afraid of me. I NEVER tell a host how much she needs to get in sales, never who she needs to invite, nothing in the manner of DICTATING! It may sound funny but I have found if I stop really caring about the numbers, my hosts, guest and I have a ball. And if they have fun, the numbers of orders, bookings and everything else goes up. My average show is roughly $600. Now tell me you get that when you look, or act nevervous, desperate or un-fun.
Now here is where the truth of being relaxed and fun is. I ended up in the hospital in December. Twice for 14 days total and on strict bed rest for the other 6 weeks. I was told by my doctor, no kitchen shows until after March one then it had to be "take it easy". I was laid up for 8 weeks. I mentioned this to all my e-mail hosts and guests and they passed the word. I knew I would have nothing for January. But when I was ready to put together catalog shows and get on my feet again, I had past hosts who called me, not me them, to ask how they could help me. I have three doing catalog shows this month as I am still not allowed to do cooking shows but I have 6 who are lined up to get me back in the saddle for March and April with cooking shows.
When you get a good host and you can literually become their friend in 45 minutes, you have a loyal host forever. (I have to tell you too that I did not know any of my hosts before I started this business. The non-family ones anyway except one.) And it is all in the demeanor you present at your shows.
I mean think about it, you would have a problem dealing with a car salesman that seemed edgy and unsure of themselves, wouldn't you? Or any person you had a hard time relating too. It is no different for us either.