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Welcom Back Letter

May 22, 2005
Welcome Back Letter

Due to some family issues I had to let my Pampered Chef business go about 5 years ago. Since then I still have people trying to contact me to see if I still sell the products. I have decided to get back into selling PC again. I have purchased my kit and ready to get rolling. But I would like to send an email out to several of my previous customers, friends and family announcing that I am back in bussiness and my website. But I am not very good at composing such a letter. If anyone has any email or letters they would like to share with me I would truely appreciate it. Thanks, Laura
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Feb 3, 2005
Laura....WELCOME BACK! Here are the welcome letters I have for new consultants. Maybe you can modify them to fit your situation.


  • Consultant Flier Lorena.doc
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  • First Pampered Chef Kitchen ShowLeanna.doc
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