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Weird problem w/bookings


Pampered Laura

Well I know this may come across as someone saying "oh woe is me, my thighs have no cellulite"... LOL But I have a weird problem.

At the middle of February, I was already full for March and half of April.
I do 8-9 shows per month.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having this many bookings, but I'm worried that all of these shows that are booking months in advance will lose interest. Is it just simply a matter of needing great host coaching (which I do) to keep them, or is there another solution that you wonderful people can see that I can't see?

The ONLY solution to this that I can see is to hold a monthly mega-show... on a specific Saturday or something? But WHERE can I do one if there's that many people? :eek:


Feb 3, 2006
I'd just keep in touch with the people who are making bookings. That's great you are getting so much interest and so many bookings!

Do you limit yourself to certain days of the week? If so, can you "open" up spots on your schedule to accomodate them?

Pampered Laura

Not really certain days of the week, no.. I book 2 a week with usually an extra one thrown in there in case of reschedule. I'm sure I *could* do like 3-4 a week, but that's way too much for me right now. 2/week is a great number, and easy to manage for my family. :eek:


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Jan 19, 2006
where to hold a mega show

Check community centers, churches, local government buildings (fire/police stations), senior centers, library, sometimes even banks. I don't know where you live or the size of your community, but these are a few ideas of places you can call to see if they have a room available.

If you do a mega show, determine how many your room can accommodate and plan on 10-12 guests per host. Then you know how many Hosts you can invite to join you on that day. Also, please find someone to be your assistant. It helps to have at least one more set of hands.

As "sailor' mentioned, keeping in touch is important. Send postcards, emails or make a quick phone call here and there.

I filled my March calendar too so I opened up a date I wouldn't normally work.

Good luck and have a great time!


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Sep 20, 2005
How about recruiting?

My director was booked solid and couldn't fit any more shows in - so when she had a host who had several bookings at her show, she just said - "You know, I don't have any room in my schedule for these shows - how about if you try out PC and just do 4 shows? It would help me out and you could earn some great products by doing 4 shows with your friends!" The host signed and 6 months later is still going strong! IF I ever find myself in your situation, I'm going to do what my director did!

Becky Deemter
[email protected]
Jan 11, 2006
Laura, like you, I was booking April in February. What a blessing to have shows to look forward to. I am just keeping in touch with my hosts. I send them a friendly email reminding them of the host/guest specials, I send them postcards reminding them of their date and time of show, and I call them. I have found that hosts really appreciate a host coaching call a few days after they have booked their show. Many times when I call, they explain how excited they are and that they have already looked through the packet on their own. During host coaching, you can build excitement and assist your host in setting goals for themselves. Ask them to go through their kitchen and write down all of the things they use the most (especially baking pans which can be subbed out with stoneware). Then tell them that those are the things they want to put on their wish list. Setting this in place will keep them looking forward to their show.

I am including a very helpful letter that I found on this site. I can't take credit for it, but for the one who wrote it, it's a great letter. I include it in all my packets. Hope it helps and have a great selling season.


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