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Weight Watchers or It's Good for You Show?? Need Recipe suggestions........


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Jun 24, 2005
Hi all,
I did my show last night and made the Mini Caprese Sandwiches (with a twist I learned from one of the boards and made it on the French Bread Dough Ring) was a huge Hit!! And then the Prof. Puffs for dessert.

I had a guest some up to me and say she wanted to book, but it HAD to be using either a WW recipe of something that was Good For You recipe. She doesn't want to "advertise" it as that kind of show as some might not show up, but she will let "certain" WW guests know that they will be able to eat at the show.

So what recipe/recipe would you suggest??

She'd like either an appetizer or main dish and a dessert. Suggestions??




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Feb 15, 2006
The Mexican Bean dip from the 'good for you' cookbook is a good appetizer. I might do a cake with a can of soda for dessert. There was a thread about using a pop instead of eggs & oil with a cake mix.


Mar 10, 2005
I did the Berrie's N Cream Wanton Cups at a WW show that I did last month. They were delicious and everybody loved them.


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May 20, 2005
I did an It's Good for You show for Sis-in-law and made the Margherita (sp?) pita pizzas out of the book I couldn't eat them since it had fresh tomatoes on them but they raved about them I had to make them until I ran out of pita's, lol, the things you do for family. They were very easy she had said that everyone was excited about the show because her and all of her friends were on diets and WW website I think it was was posting PC recipes and they couldn't wait.


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May 8, 2006
I am actually on Weight Watchers and one thing I found in one of my Weight Watchers cookbooks was homemade pita chips. They were so simple and I used my flat baking stone.

Buy a package of pitas. Cut them horizontally. Then take each half and cut them up into your chips. Lay them on the baking stone and coat them with the butter flavored cooking spray. I doctored mine up and did some with garlic powder, some with parmesean cheese and others with sea salt.

They go great with any dip!