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Wedding Shower

Oct 30, 2013
I am brand new to PC and doing a confirmed 50 guest wedding show on Sunday. No food demo, so no pressure there. I am bringing a friend who had a PC shower herself to help with orders. I've put a TON of work into this, but it am still nervous. I've cut out all of the pictures of the items the couple wants (that my team did not already have in our community Wedding Show registry bag).

One issue I am foreseeing, they only picked out 77 items and the groom refused to hear any suggestions from me. Just a little worried their guests won't have much to choose from.

I've got a "bank" for cash order change.

Should I use Catalog Show order forms or my 2-plys? The mother of the bride/hostess wants to have all the orders completed by the end of the shower. I have been pushed to my limits and I have learned what boundaries I am not willing to be pushed to in the future (thanks Jeanine for those words of wisdom).

Any last minute tips, tricks, or ideas? Prayers? Lol.