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Wedding Registry Question


Mar 6, 2008
I have a family member in another state who has a friend getting married, and has a wedding registy with another consulant. My family member wants to buy thru me. Is that possible? For me to place the order off the reisgtry and get credit for it? Or my aunt just has to go to the other consulant's web site to do it? Thanks for the help!


Gold Member
Mar 3, 2009
For her purchase to add to the bride's registry benefits, she needs to purchase the item from the other consultant. Plus, her order will be reflected on the bride's wish list as purchased (although that can be altered manually by the bride/groom/other consultant).

I'd tell the family member, "thanks for your loyalty and I appreciate the thought, but your purchase will have additional benefits to the bride if you purchase directly off of her online registry through the other consultant... so, when would you like to host a party with me?"