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Website questions


Novice Member
Dec 8, 2005
when someone places an order on the website it already is turned into PC right or do i have to enter it into pp?


Mar 7, 2006
If Individual order, no PP

If it's an order for a show you have set up on your website, and the buying guest entered the host's name, then you still have to put it in PP for the show. But if the order was done w/o being part of a show, then you are correct, you do NOT have to put it into PP. If you get notification of an individual order and you know FOR A FACT it was supposed to be part of a show, then you can call the HO and ask them to cancel the order so you can include it in the show.:)


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
If it goes to your website to be added onto a show then you need to enter it into PP. If it is an individual order placed through your site then it goes directly to HO, you also get an e-mail that states that you received an individual online order.