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Pampered Chef: Sales Website questions??/

  1. heat123

    heat123 Legend Member Silver Member

    Hi there- :rolleyes:
    I am a future PC gal and have another question re: websites
    would you all recommend me getting one as I sign up? Or wait awhile? I have read good things and bad as far as business being brought to them and all. What exactly can you do with them- or what are the features you use ? I also visited a few of them and was wondering if you get to choose your format background? I noticed two different looks to them. The one w/ dark maroon and another one that was like peach in color and the settings and format was different on each. And do you get to choose what literature is under your news titles- basically do you write it yourself? Are they hard to maintain?

    Thanks for any replies-
    Heather I.
    Future PC pal ;)
    Sep 25, 2005
  2. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    I would definitely get a web site as you sign up. That way you could put it on your first business cards. I give my new consultants a set of cards (just 10 - it's a sheet that I print) and if they want it I give them the template so they can make more. If they told me they had a website I would put it on there too...

    What exactly can you do with them- or what are the features you use ?
    I put a lot of information there about upcoming specials and meetings, etc. The feature I like best is that I can set up my shows and guests can order right from there with the virtual catalog. Go to my web site at www.pamperedchef.biz/bbrigham and put my name (Beth Brigham) in as "host" to see how it works for guests to order. You can go all the way to the submit screen without it going through as an order so don't worry - besides if it would go through :eek: I would call you before placing the order. ;) Hosts can also do all their e-vites right from the website too!

    you get to choose your format background?
    We get several choices for the backround - it's really easy to customize the sites!

    do you get to choose what literature is under your news titles- basically do you write it yourself? Are they hard to maintain?
    You can either use their prewritten text and photos or you can change theirs to suit your business or write your own text entirely. You can even put your own pictures in if you like. They are VERY easy to maintain. Just go back monthly or as needed and make whatever changes you want. I love it!!

    It makes us look so skilled and professional!!
    Sep 25, 2005
  3. cbord

    cbord Member

    I would get the website if you can afford it. I was able to save $40 on kit by giving a show and using the kit credit. So I then spend money on 6 month subscription. It has paid for itself already.

    I had my website up and running on Aug. 1. 2005 which was my start of first SS month.

    Two August catalog hostess used the site to increase their sales. One hostess received one order for $89.75 and the other hostess received 5 orders for $111.50. So I had $201.25 in online sales for August whish gave me $40.25 in comission from online sales. Without the website I would not have reach my $1250 to qualufy and get first SS bonus pkg.

    In Septembr one catalog hostess used the website only for her catalog show. She collected 5 orders totaling $208.? in commissionable sales. So I made $41 in commisiion for Sept. online sales.

    So far the website has been good for me. I am in Louisiana so PC has extend my website for a year to help our sales because of the hurricane. This is a blessing and I think it will help my business during this tough time.

    Good Luck
    Sep 26, 2005
  4. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    My heart goes out to you and everyone who has been affected by the hurricanes. I am so glad to hear the PC is doing so much to help you all make it through this time!

    We'll keep you in our prayers!!
    Sep 26, 2005
  5. D_Patel

    D_Patel Member

    I totally recomend a web site !

    I waited over a year to get mine ! Dont ask me why ! So now i had to go back and re- do everything ! My business cards, stamp ! Ughh ! I just bought lables figured out how to print them and had to cover up everything !
    On every show i do , i end up with at least two orders off the web site. With out it , those are orders i would not have gotten. People the host may not have seen to show a book to. A feww shows back i had a guest who had never tried stoneware , ordered a stone used it loved it , she got my monthly email , saw the stones on sale and placed a $45.00 order online. Whith out even having to contact me. I also added a recipe of the month feature to it , hopefuly to have people stop in each month to check out the new recipe. I started out with a 6 month subscription for $42.00 , i was unsure how i was going to like it. I say go for it ! Well worth the investment !! :D
    Sep 26, 2005
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