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Website problems


Gold Member
Jan 3, 2005
I set up my website for upcoming shows. The problem is when I send the host the email she is not getting it. I even set up my own show and sent it to myself, I have 2 email addresses and it never came through to either one. Any suggestions????? :confused:


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Jul 7, 2005
give it time

Sometimes it takes up to 2 days for an email to go through. So be sure to do your e-vites a good week plus before any given show.

It would be worth going to Consultant's Corner and doing an internal email to Tech Support to tell them about the problem.

They may need to buy more server room to support our growing businesses!
Jan 21, 2006
Check the Bulk mail!! Or Junk Mail! That's where a lot go. I send my host an e-mail from my e-mail and tell them to look for the there host e-mail. Be sure to call them and make sure they get it then. Have them check the junk folder to. If all else fails you can give them there host password on the phone at that point.