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Website e-vites


Aug 9, 2005
Hello everyone
I was talking with my director about my grand opening kitchen show. She said to set up my website and send out the evite.
I can't figure out how to do it!
Any thoughts?
I probably shouldn't be trying at work anyway but....



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Jun 20, 2005
2 ways to E-vite after show setup!

1. go through the pampered chef site and click the link to manage your website. Once there click setup a new show. Input all the information for the show. Click continue. Once the show options screen is open you can email your host her password (yourself in this case). Work with the wish list. (This is easier to do directly through your website as it will let you browse the catalog!) Work with the guest list and many other things.

2. After you have setup the show in the Pampered Chef site then you can use the show password that was provided when the show was created and add guest emails and send them e-vites.


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Jan 4, 2005

Okay - I set a "show" up under my name - all I am really trying to do is email all my past guests and hosts and let them know about my new website - I was told to do it thru the website. I put everyones email in and created a really nice email announcing my new website - but before sending, I previewed it (thank-goodness) there is all this stuff that is automatically on there like "date show closes", RSVP etc.....I do not want any of this stuff on there but I see no way around it! The only options for setting up the email are like an invitation. Am I better off just to send a regular email with the link to my website? Seems like it!