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Website came in handy!


Aug 16, 2005
I was making a deposit from a Show today at a bank I don't normally go

I was making a deposit from a Show today at a bank I don't normally go to, and the teller must have noticed "Ind. Kitchen Cons." on my deposit slip because she asked me if I sold PC and did I have a catalog. She wanted to rder a Food Chopper. Of course I didn't have one (because I never seem to have one on me when I need one), but I was able to give her my web address. I can't wait to see if she does use my website to order it!

Julie Myers
Denver, PA


Jun 5, 2005
You should have got her name and number so that you could have contacted her as people have a tendacy to forget or misplace the info. If you haven't got an order from her in a few days I would go back to that bank and give her a catalogue. Maybe ask her if she would like to get that copper for free by putting a catalogue in the staff room or even having a show.


Veteran Member
Jun 29, 2005
Me too!!

I just got my first order from my website the other day. I was so excited. It was only for 2 small micro-cookers, but who cares? I didn't have to do a thing and it's double points month! :D

Sooner PC

Sep 30, 2005
I bank at a credit union and have gotten to know everyone pretty well. I have left catalogs and when I bring in a deposit, we joke about how many shows I had over the weekend. Well - one day - out of the blue - I get a call from one of the tellers - she has an order for her friend. I am jotting down all the items and then she comes to a number I wasn't familiar with - IT WAS A SET OF COOKWARE!! I couldn't believe it. Because her order was fairly large, I put in a couple of outside orders and made it a catalog show.

I tell EVERYONE that I sell Pampered Chef. You never know who is going to place an order.

Boomer Sooner
Shannon Overstreet


Silver Member
Feb 3, 2006
Website contact addition

Has anyone did the e-mail fromt eh contact section yet. Mine options are still from the fall. When are they going to update!!!!!!!