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Website Announcement


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Jan 29, 2005

Well what do you know?!!! My husband who has been giving me a hard time about my business because I have taken a loss for two years in a row, went online to look around consultant corner. I thought he was just trying to get a sneak peak at the new products coming out, but can you believe it, he went and ordered me a website for 6 months!! I had one when the first started, but let it go because of money reasons. He said it didn't make sense for me not to have one. I am in total shock but so excited at the same time!

I know I have seen a flyer here to send out to customers anouncing my new website, but never downloaded it because I didn't think I would ever use it. And after spending literally 1 1/2 hours searching and going through 73 pages of flyers, I still can't find it. I did find great info to help with my upcoming homeschool fair though:)

Anyway, if someone has one, I would greatly appreciate it if they would post it where I can actually find it:)

This has become my favorite place to go when I need a boost, want info, or just to spend time in the mist of possitive people.


God Bless,
Nov 3, 2005
I think this is the one that you saw. It is geared for christmas but it would be a place to start.


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