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Web Violations


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Sep 13, 2005
This came up on a Director's loop I am on. We have been discussing the legality of putting your web address in your signature. I was one that did not know for sure if this was legal; thus, I removed my link. It is now official that in order to stay within the guidelines you can not list your web site address!!

This is what was posted:

If you cannot follow the guidelines set out by HO and that we choose
to follow, the removal instructions are in this email, feel free to
remove yourself.

1. I do not allow members to have Pampered Chef listed anywhere in
their Yahoo profile. Does Pampered Chef still say that consultants
are NOT to have Pampered Chef listed in their profiles, such as AOL,
Yahoo, etc.?

No, this has not nor will it change. You cannot list Pampered Chef
as an interest, list the company website as a cool link, list your
personal website or say you are a Pampered Chef consultant. The
policy is on page 99 of the Recipes for Success. Nothing has changed
since we were given a Personal Website. Per Carolyn, why would you
have it in your profile if you weren't hoping to get leads off of it
and that is against HO guidelines.

IF you have additional questions, first read your Recipes for Success then if
you have more contact Carolyn Buth at [email protected]

2. Can consultants list the HO website, meaning www.pamperedchef.com
their profile?

No, HO does NOT want anything link to or about the company in any
profiles or even newsletters.

3. Can consultants list their website address, meaning
www.pamperedchef.biz/ in their profile?

Just as listed in #1, NO, you cannot. Just because we have been
given the profile does not change how HO wants things done. We can
put our website address in our newsletters to our customers ONLY if
we are sending the newsletter in Blind Carbon Copy.

4. Most consultants have a "signature line" (see mine at the end of
this email) is it ok to say "Pampered Chef is my love" or anything
else about Pampered Chef? I know that we can say "Independent
Kitchen Consultant with Pampered Chef" but what about other
sayings? This is something we are being asked but do not say
members cannot list PC in their signature line.

This is ok, a signature line is what you put at the close of your


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Oct 25, 2005
Don't shut down Chef Success!

Marlene, who was the author of that post? Was it Carolyn at HO, or someone else?

Here's why I ask: If it is impermissible to "say you are a Pampered Chef consultant" in any online format, wouldn't that mean that ChefSuccess would have to shut down? Everyone here is identifying themselves as a PC consultant.

I hope I'm misreading what was said. I really love this site!


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Sep 13, 2005

I do not believe that we are breaking the rules by listing our signatures as PC consultants. We just cannot list anything to do with the websites, even www.pamperedchef.com!