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Vista Print Banner for fair...


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May 24, 2005
OK so I have the Vinyl PC banner but I was thinking of doing one of the small banners from Vista since they are free right now. I have a booth comming up at a county fair (5 days long) I was thinking it might be nice to spotlight the biz opp and/or 29 min meals and under 2$ a serving.

Any ideas?
Aug 14, 2008
What a great idea! That will definitely be eyecatching. I like the $2 per serving idea. People will definitely be checking that out. Also, I apologize if this sounds lame, what about a HELP WANTED one? Since it will be a Vista Print one, it will get more attention from farther away than one printed.

Good luck.


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Oct 2, 2006
I made a vista print one that says

The Pampered Chef

Take Action
Take Charge
Start Today.

Use the balloon template and it's actually pretty cute.