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VIP appearal


Mar 21, 2005
Anyone feel like the clothing and items that VIP is marketing to us is way too expensive? I was looking at some of it just now, and there's a couple of shirts over $40! Even the stuff on clearance is still expensive! Have any of you written to them to share this concern and gotten a response? Just something I was thinking about, wondered if anyone else had a similar concern....

Have a great night!


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Jan 19, 2005
I thought the clothes were expensive until I purchased my first shirt. In my opinion the material is a good quality. I have had the shirt for a couple of years and it has held up very well.

Recently I kept looking at a grey fleece jacket, but I just did not want to spend $32.00 on it. It went on sale this week for $19.99. I was so excited and purchased it immediately. I ordered it on Wednesday and it should be at my house tomorrow.

In the big scheme of things I do not mind putting a little money towards my advertising clothing. I usually have someone ask about Pampered Chef when I wear it. It is also a tax deduction for me.

So for the money and what I get out of it, I think it is a pretty good deal!

Lisa :D


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May 20, 2005
I agree Mamachef. I am already on a very tight budget with me and hubby working full-time and I also have a merchandising job once a week and I am trying to get some PC things going and I still have no money (I guess the 4 boys we have between us would be most of the reason for that). I thought that this business was supposed to help people like me not take all of our money by paying outrageous prices for advertising apparel. I was just thinking about buying some t-shirts and iron-on paper and printing my own, don't know how it would turn out, but it's worth a shot I think. By what I understand we can use these ourselves just not give the logo to anyone else to use to make it.


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Sep 13, 2005
I love my VIP stuff

WOW, I love all of my shirts and jackets and everything from VIP! I have a uniform that I wear to all of my shows-khakis and a collared VIP Pampered Chef shirt. When I first started I used to spend more $$ on clothes for PC parties, now I have my set uniforms and I usually buy 1 every other month or so, even though I haven't bought one since August!! It is time to buy some more!

This is also considered advertising! Where else can you advertise so cheaply? I am a walking billboard. It would cost me $55 to put a 2X2 add in my local paper for one day! So I consider my shirts a great advertising cost!Also, the tax benefits are nice.

You sound like some of the guests I have at kitchen shows..."everything is so expensive." These guests are generally looking at the stoneware or the cookware! You might just like the expensive shirts. (I always gravitate towards the pricier items myself.) I have the Doris Christopher Book shirt on now from VIP and it only cost $10. I guess you get what you pay for applies to VIP along with Pampered Chef and everything else!

Just my 2 cents!