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Vinyl Food Gloves


Gold Member
Jan 12, 2006
Hi all,

If anyone needs any let me know. I will try to get you a good deal on them. If you only need one box of 100 gloves the cost will be 2.50 to purchase the whole case cost would be 15.00. The whole case has 1000 gloves(10 boxes of 100 each) plus S & H via DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS. Just PM me with the details because my supplier will let me know each week. Also let me know your size and how many you want or if you want the whole case.

Send email to [email protected] subject: Food Service Gloves and include

Your Name, Email, glove size, number of boxes/cases, shipping by, and your City and Zip Code and how you would like to pay.

Once I find out if they have them I will let you know as soon as I found out.

Right now i have 3 boxes of 100 Large Gloves. Total for all 3 would be 7.00 plus shipping.

Payment via: PayPal Balance, PayPal Credit Card, Money Order, E-Check.